Super Glue Strain: Everything You Need To Know

Super glue strain is widely popular as a cross between Afghani Kush and Northern Lights. This OG stays in the catbird seat in the hybrid marijuana category with its long-lasting high. However, its strong sedating effects can keep you glued to the sofa for hours. Curious to learn more? Let’s get started!

Super Glue Strain: What Is It?

Super glue OG is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain that boasts a whopping 28% THC level. It combines the Northern Lights’ calming attributes and Afghani Kush’s stimulation power. Simply put, it gives you the best of both worlds. In fact, it was recognized as the third most potent hybrid strain during the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup.

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This hybrid strain flaunts a gracefully thin and beautiful texture. It resembles a spade with flowers covering the stem region. The white trichome coating and green rust-hued hairs further enhance its beauty.

Flavor and Aroma

Once planted, it spreads a fresh lemon scent with mellow notes of pine and earth. You’ll sense a pure sandalwood aroma while dissecting the buds, thanks to its 40% Afghani DNA. As a side note, we’d advise you to use a grinder to break up these compact-textured buds. 

Due to the versatile aroma, it carries an intriguing flavor that amuses the consumer’s taste buds. The citrus taste creates an instant flavor explosion in your mouth. Meanwhile, the woody undertones settle in gently to spice things up.

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Exploring the High

Consumers love this strain because it doesn’t leave you crabby with a short-lived high. It’s not one of those buds that get you firing on all cylinders from a few hits. Instead, it offers a bewildering high that begins with an intense mental stimulation. After a while, it leads to the overall relaxation of the body.

Consuming a small dosage after a tiring day thoroughly de-stresses your mind. At the same time, it revitalizes your muscles with a long and slow high. 

However, the real fun begins once the high starts traveling through your body. The “super glue” effect kicks in within an hour of cerebral foreplay. This strong effect makes the smokers feel as if they’ve become one with the surface. 

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Medicinal Advantages

Although it’s mainly consumed for the intense psychedelic rush, we can’t discredit its therapeutic attributes. The Northern Lights DNA makes it a great option for patients suffering from mental/physical stress. 

Tests have concluded that patients suffering from tremors and muscle spasms benefit heavily through its consumption. The strain provides short-term ease from the pain and decelerates the symptoms.

Unlike other buds, this hybrid strain doesn’t push you toward an unstable mental state. It works wonders for those undergoing mental health problems like depression, stress, and anxiety. 

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Side Effects

Keep in mind — nothing is perfect. Typically, marijuana has its fair share of adverse effects. Thankfully, the Super glue Kush doesn’t come with as many. However, we’d advise you don’t consume beyond limit to be safe.

If you’re a seasoned consumer, limit yourself to a few hits. Otherwise, you may notice mild side-effects like dry eyes/mouth and dizziness. It’s even better to stay thoroughly hydrated to prevent such uncomfortable circumstances.

Last but not least, this hybrid strain is infamous for creating thick clouds. We’d advise people with respiratory problems to avoid consuming it.

Growing Super Glue Strain How To Begin?

Super glue OG is a pure treat for the growers thanks to the short-term flowering periods and sufficient yields. You can easily grow it both indoors and outdoors by following these simple steps: 

  • Allow in enough sunlight
  • Keep humidity at bay

Controlling the ventilation and humidity is fairly easy when you’re growing indoors. Within 8—10 weeks, you can expect a yield of 500 grams per square meter (1.5 meters tall). 

You must focus on providing enough airflow to counter excessive humidity while cultivating outdoors. The harvesting period is usually towards the end of October. Expect an average yield of 600 grams per square meter (2 meters tall) by the end.

Summing It Up

Super glue Kush is a total delight for those who frequently search for top-tier marijuana to de-stress without a prolonged mental overdrive. The ideal CBD/THC ratio makes it eligible for both recreational and medicinal use. Overall, it’s an all-in-one package that smokers can’t resist.

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