Flo Strain 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Hybrid

If you’re looking for a chill atmosphere with a manageable high, Flo strain is the only thing you will ever need. This cannabis hybrid is a cross-breed of Afghani Indica and Purple Thai, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever smoked before. 

Its citrusy flavor is sure to make your taste buds go crazy, but it’s not all fun and games. This strain also has a medical application and helps with pain, depression and loss of appetite. 

What Is the Flo Marijuana Strain?

Flo is a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica cannabis strain. This hybrid is an interesting combination of both scent and potency. When ignited, it starts emitting a strong, flowery smell. 

Still, Flo is a rather mild type of cannabis, given that the average content of THC is 14–17%, whereas there is 0.26% CBD. When smoking Flo, the resulting high is incredibly gentle. 

That means we can go about our day normally — it won’t affect our cognitive functions! Since the THC content is not too high, the side-effects are milder compared to other strains.

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The Features of the Flo Strain

What distinguishes this strain is its citrusy smell. It is a very strong yet pleasant aroma that will certainly help you relax. Despite the strong aroma, Flo is quite light in terms of smoke. It won’t strain your throat a lot, but do be ready for a small punch in the beginning. 

When it comes to looks, imagine the craziest color combinations you possibly can. That’s what you’ll get. 

The buds usually come in purple, red, orange, and green, which really brings all eyes to this strain. Other than being colorful, it’s important to know that the buds are pretty big and covered in majestic trichomes. 

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Medicinal Effects

As already mentioned, Flo strain is rather versatile. We can use it to get rid of a migraine or simply boost our focus and creativity. Additionally, the strain is effective when it comes to symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Overall, it alleviates stress and makes us happier. 

It has shown some pain-relieving effects too, especially in the field of muscle spasms, arthritis pain, headaches, and inflammations. Given that it relaxes muscles, Flo might help deal with fatigue and insomnia as well.

There have been some reports that Flo alleviates nausea and boosts our appetite, meaning it helps treat anorexia too.

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Side-Effects of Flo

Taking into account that Flo’s THC content is low, we can safely say it comes with minor aftereffects. Thankfully, we can easily prevent them.

Dry mouth is one of the most common side-effects. Drinking a lot of water before and after consuming Flo prevents it. Unless we carry a bottle of water with us all the time, we will dehydrate. So, if you’re smoking Flo, remember to hydrate!

Other than that, we also need to pay attention to keeping our eyes hydrated. Sometimes, itchy eyes can become a nuisance so we need to be prepared. If you’re at home, make a chamomile tea, and squeeze a few warm drops from the tea sack into your eyes. In case you do not have the chamomile sacks, you can simply buy some moisturizing eye drops and use them. 

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Growing Flo Indoors and Outdoors 

This strain can be harvested numerous times and its yield is very high. It has shown better results when growing in sunny and dry climates, but growing it indoors is also possible. This strain is resistant to mold and mildew, which makes it easy to maintain. The yield averages at 18oz/m2 indoors and 21oz/m2 outdoors.

Flo matures fast, and you are sure to expect the yield after approximately 50 days. If the right circumstances and weather conditions permit it, that is. 

Final Thoughts About Flo

Flo is a special strain that makes chilling just a tad more fun. If you have been looking for a marijuana strain that will ease your pain, boost your mood, or help you sleep better, Flo strain is the best choice out there. It is a very mild strain, so don’t worry about the side-effects. We encourage you to try it if you want to have some really deep conversations about life with your friends. 

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