CBDFit: An Unbiased Review (2022)

CBDFit is a CBD company that makes CBD-infused products made from organically grown hemp. The company has a good selection of products, including tinctures, capsules, and protein powder. CBDFit has been getting hype on the market. This is because of the many customers claiming their products to work effectively.

Some people swear by it, while others claim that it doesn’t work. While the company offers so many products, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you.

To help decide whether to go for this brand or not, we have compiled important details about their products. These will help you see which product may be good for you to use. Read on.

Review Summary

CBDFit is a relatively new brand that offers CBD products geared towards working out. CBDFit’s CBD products provide different benefits that help with different conditions. Though the company website is still down, many customers still flock to online retailers to get the brand’s products. It is because their products are rare plus have good potency levels.

Rating: 7/10

Featured Product

CBDFit is a line of various products perfect for those who work out or are into sports. Their best seller product is:

CBDFit Fit Capsules

Image of CBDFit Fit Capsules in white background

CBDFit capsules give you the ease of taking your CBD dose. The vegan-friendly capsules are filled with hemp seed oil. It can provide a convenient way to get all the benefits of CBD without any additional flavors or ingredients.

The CBD in this product helps the body to recover faster, reducing inflammation and muscle soreness. This means that you can work out harder and longer with less pain and discomfort. CBDFit also helps to improve focus and energy so you can get the most out of your workout.

Each capsule contains 10mg CBD. They are flavorless, so you do not have to worry about the bitter aftertaste. Depending on your required CBD dosage, you can take one to two capsules per day.

Other Products Offered by CBDFit

There are other supplements and products provided by this company. Among the top sellers are:

1. CBDFit Fit Drops

Image of CBDFit Fit Drops in white back ground

This CBD oil drop product is made of natural hemp. This can be taken by putting a few drops under your tongue. Allow a few seconds before swallowing. This product helps get relief from different conditions such as physical discomfort and inflammation.

This is available in a 30mL bottle. Each serving contains 25mg CBD. CBD has been shown to help with everything from anxiety and depression to sleep problems. With CBDFit Fit Drops, you can enjoy all CBD oil benefits without any unpleasant taste or aftertaste. In case you cannot take the oil sublingually, you can add it to your meals or drinks.

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2. CBDFit Fit Joint

Image of CBDFit Fit Joint

CBDFit Joint is a premium joint health supplement that harnesses the power of turmeric and UC-II collagen that can promote healthy joints.

Turmeric is a well-known plant with potent anti-inflammatory properties, while UC-II collagen is a patented form of collagen that has been clinically shown to improve joint function.

CBDFit Joint also includes hyaluronic acid, which helps lubricate joints and promote mobility. These ingredients aim to provide complete support for healthy joints.

3. CBDFit Fit Gut

Image of CBDFit Fit Gut in white background

CBDFit Fit Gut helps in the maintenance of a healthy gut while getting the benefits of CBD. The ingredients in CBDFit support gut health and help keep you feeling your best. A healthy gut leads to proper digestion, better immune function, and nutrient absorption. Each capsule contains 10mg CBD plus it also has post and pre-biotics for optimal gut health.

4. CBDFit Fit Dreams

Image of CBDFit Fit Dreams in white background

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, then this product is worth checking out. CBDFit Fit Dreams contains a blend of full-spectrum CBD and herbal ingredients known to support or promote sleep. It is best to start with one capsule and see how it affects you. You can increase your intake but in a gradual manner.

Mixing this into your nighttime routine gives your body the best opportunity to drift off into a deep slumber. The CBD will help to relax the mind while the other ingredients work together to support restful sleep. This does not only make you fall asleep faster but also achieve restful sleep.

5. CBDFit Fit Whey

Image of CBDFit Fit Whey in white background

CBDFit Fit Whey is the perfect protein powder that has the right potency of CBD. Each serving provides 20 grams of premium whey protein isolate and 10 mg of CBD, and 200 mg of CBD. This product allows you to take CBD while enjoying this yummy drink.

This unique blend helps to support muscle growth and recovery while also providing anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving effects. This can be taken after a workout or after having a long and tiring day. Let your body recover from activities by taking this CBD-infused powder from CBDFit.

What Does CBDFit Do Well?

CBDFit prides itself on the quality of its CBD products. The company employs a third-party verification system to ensure that all of its CBD goods meet the highest standards for quality. That means customers can trust that they’re getting a product that contains CBD and nothing else.

CBDFit only sells products that have been laboratory tested and are made with organic ingredients. The company also offers a money-back guarantee on all of its products.

The products they sell have good potency levels. Some products will work for beginners, and some have higher potency levels for experienced users. Customers can simply check the potency of the products before they order.

Where Could CBDFit Improve?

CBDFit is a great product for those looking for CBD oil and capsules, but it could use some improvements. For example, it can add more products to its lineup.

Additionally, it would be helpful to have more details on dosage and the various terpenes and cannabinoids present in the CBD product.

This would help consumers make informed decisions about which CBDFit product is best for them. Additionally, the information on the website could be improved.

Does CBDFit Offer Free Shipping?

When you’re looking to buy CBD oil, you must find a retailer with quick and easy shipping. CBDFit is now shipping throughout the United States with UPS and USPS. So you can get your CBD as quickly as possible. However, no free shipping promo is in place at this time for this company.

You can expect to receive your CBD within 3-5 business days, depending on your location. In addition, CBDFit offers a 30-day return policy. In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can always send it back.

Does CBDFit Use Third-Party Test?

CBDFit Company is a new CBD company quickly gaining popularity. CBDFit is impressive in this field because they use a reputable third-party lab. These conduct independent testing on all the company’s products. Customers may rest assured that the CBD oil they are purchasing is of the greatest quality and purity.

Are There Any Discounts From CBDFit?

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good deal, especially when it comes to something as important as dental care. However, when it comes to whether CBDFit offers discounts on their services, the answer is, unfortunately, no.

The company does not offer any discounts at this time. This can be disappointing for those who are looking for a good bargain but fortunately, there are still a few ways to save on CBD fit.

One way is to look for online retailers that sell their products that have special online deals. Some of these offer free shipping, discounts, or coupons. Another way to save is to order the bundled packs.

Prices & Where to Buy

A person holding a card trying to buy online using a laptop

You can buy CBDFit products online through online retail stores. At this time, you cannot order from their official website since it is still down. There are a lot of online retailers you can purchase from. However, make sure that you are buying from a legit source to avoid scams and fake products. Do research first and read reviews so you can find the best retailer to buy from.

Final CBDFit Review: Buy or Pass?

CBDFit products are made with organic CBD that is extracted from hemp plants. The company has a large following of loyal customers who swear by the effectiveness of CBDFit’s CBD supplements.

One of the main benefits of using CBDFit’s products is that they are backed by science. The CBD in each product has been lab-tested to ensure that it meets the company’s high standards. CBDFit also offers a money-back guarantee on all of their products, so customers can be sure they’re getting a quality product they can trust.

The company offers a good number of CBD products, including tinctures, capsules, topicals, and pet products. CBDFit products are safe and effective and have been shown to help with various conditions, including anxiety, pain relief, and even sleep problems.

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