CBD Rosin — Is It Worth the Hype?

Let’s answer the question from the title straight away. Is CBD rosin worth the hype? Yes, it most definitely is. In fact, for all its health benefits, and how easy it is to make, rosin doesn’t get enough hype. To try and rectify that problem, we decided to give rosin its moment to shine and talk about just how incredible it is.

What Is CBD Rosin?

Rosin is essentially an extract of the cannabis flower, and it’s one that has revolutionized the entire industry. For the first time, people can make their own CBD concentrate at home, and they don’t need to use specialized equipment or an intricate extraction process.

People all over the world are choosing CBD rosin because it doesn’t contain any solvents. It’s totally pure, and it’s a much safer alternative for health-conscious canna-lovers. 

Another reason so many people are choosing rosin is that it’s pretty inexpensive. Unlike full-spectrum oils, for example, it’s a budget-friendly option with all the health benefits.

Why Is CBD Rosin So Popular?

As we already mentioned, rosin rose quickly to popularity because it’s a solventless extract. Since we can extract it manually, there’s no need to use additional chemicals or machines to make it clean and pure. Also, the end result is a product that’s rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavor.

Depending on the technique, and how familiar we are with the process, we can extract rosin in just a few minutes. It’s extremely convenient, especially for people who don’t live close to dispensaries or don’t like shopping online.

How to Make CBD Rosin at Home

To make CBD rosin at home, we don’t need to be an engineer or have a master’s degree in chemistry. All it takes is a hemp flower that’s rich in CBD, a rosin press, some parchment paper, and a collecting tool. 

The whole process is pretty simple, and it involves placing the flower in the parchment paper and then putting it through the press. One alternative to paper is a PTFE Teflon sheet, which is less prone to tearing.

Then, following the manufacturer’s instructions, we have to work the rosin press and wait for the finished product. Then, we can use the collecting tool to make sure that we’re not leaving any rosin behind. We also recommend making rosin in smaller batches because it’ll yield the best results.

Over time, and with some practice, the rosin-making process will be much easier and faster. But the key to doing it right is investing in high-quality materials. The flower should be bought from a known and well-respected brand, and the same goes for the rosin press.

Why High-Quality Hemp Matters

There are a ton of different hemp brands online, all claiming to sell the best flowers. Unfortunately, a lot of those manufacturers are selling plants/flowers that are high in THC, but low in CBD. That’s why doing proper research before buying anything is key.

The most important thing to look for is, of course, the CBD content. But we also recommend only buying organic hemp that’s been grown without any herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals and additives.

Almost all trustworthy hemp farmers do third-party lab analyses for their products and post the findings on their websites. So we suggest always checking those results to ensure that what you’re buying is actually high-quality.

Manual vs. Electric Rosin Press

Another essential step in the rosin-making process is choosing between a manual and an electric press. A manual press crushes the flower and compresses it using a screw or clamp system. These types of presses can either be pneumatic or hydraulic, and the biggest difference between them is that the former uses gas, while the latter uses water.

Then, there are electric rosin presses, which are a bit more accurate when it comes to compacting the flower. They’re also low-maintenance and high-speed, which is a great choice for beginners. With that said, electric rosin presses are more expensive than their manual counterparts.

Final Thoughts

CBD rosin is definitely a dark horse of the CBD world and one that all cannabis lovers should be familiar with it. It has undeniable health benefits, without any of the negative side effects or chemicals. Also, it’s so easy to make that anyone can do it, and it’s more than worth trying it out in your spare time.

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